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Kaca iki isi pratélan tenger kang dienggo nandhani besutan déning piranti alus, sinartan tegesé.

Jeneng tagCakrik ing pratélan owahanDhèskripsi pepak saka maknaSumberAktif?Owah-owahan mawa tag
php7PHP7Revisions made with PHP7 enabled instead of HHVM (expected to improve performance, tagged for debugging/analysis)Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusOra317 pangowahan
perubahan_terbaruperubahan_terbaruDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya239 pangowahan
mobile editBesutan punsèlBesutan saka punsèl (jaringan utawa aplikasi)Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya222 pangowahan
mobile web editBesutan jaringan punsèlBesutan saka situs jaringan punsèlDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya222 pangowahan
massmessage-deliveryPengirim PesanMasalMessage delivery using Extension:MassMessageDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya54 pangowahan
mw-undoPembatalanSuntingan yang membatalkan suntingan sebelumnya dengan tombol kembalikanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya33 pangowahan
visualeditorBesutan visualBesutan sarana pambesut visualDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya29 pangowahan
mw-rollbackPengembalianSuntingan yang membatalkan suntingan sebelumnya menggunakan pranala batalkanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya26 pangowahan
HHVMHHVMRevisions made with the HipHop Virtual Machine enabled instead of the Zend PHP interpreter (expected to improve performance, tagged for debugging/analysis)Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusOra20 pangowahan
mw-new-redirectAlihan anyarSuntingan yang membuat pengalihan baru atau mengubah suatu halaman menjadi halaman pengalihanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya9 pangowahan
mw-replacePenggantianSuntingan yang menghapus lebih dari 90% konten dari sebuah halamanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya5 pangowahan
mw-changed-redirect-targetTarget pengalihan digantiSuntingan yang mengubah target pengalihanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya3 pangowahan
OAuth CID: 1352SWViewer [1.3]App to monitor the recent changes of a wiki's in real-time. For more details, see https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/SWViewerDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya3 pangowahan
OAuth CID: 429PAWS [1.2]PAWS (Pywikibot: A Web Shell) allows users to run Pywikibot (and other python code) online via a Jupyterhub instance, at https://tools.wmflabs.org/paws. OAuth integration allows people to edit / run automated processes without having to expose their passwords. This will make the consumer_secret and consumer_id public, until https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T120469 is fixed. I have talked to Chris Steipp about this and it is ok for the short term.Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya2 pangowahan
mw-blankNgosongakéSuntingan yang mengosongkan halamanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya2 pangowahan
OAuth CID: 1188SWViewer [1.0]SPA (but auth process in php) for viewing queue of edits on small wikis for SWMT. Diffs, whitelist, reverts. Will be hosted on Labs. Desktop version [[ru:user:Iluvatar/SWViewer]].Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusOra1 pangowahan
T144167T144167Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
meta spam idmeta spam idDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
blankingblankingDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
emojiÉmojiDianggo déning saringan salah-guna global 110.Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
OTRS permission added by non-OTRS memberOTRS permission added by non-OTRS memberDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
ntsamr (global)ntsamr (global)Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
repeated xwiki CoI abuserepeated xwiki CoI abuseDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
mw-contentmodelchangeowahan modhèl isiPerubahan yang mengubah model konten suatu halamanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
mw-removed-redirectMenghapus pengalihanSuntingan yang mengubah pengalihan yang telah ada menjadi halaman non pengalihanDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
centralnoticeCentral NoticeEdit created via the CentralNotice Admin UIDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
centralnotice translationCentral Notice TranslationEdit of CentralNotice content created via the Translate extensionDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
abusefilter-condition-limitcondition limit reachedEdits or other events that couldn't be checked by all active abuse filters (help).Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
visualeditor-needcheckBesutan visual: PriksaPenyuntingan yang menggunakan editor visual pada sistem yang mendeteksi adanya teks wiki mungkin mengalami perubahan yang tidak diinginkan.Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
visualeditor-switchedBesutan visual: GantiPanganggo wiwit mbesut sarana pambesut visual, banjur salin nganggo pambesut tèks-wiki.Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
visualeditor-wikitextbesut sumber 2017Besutan nganggo pambesut tèks-wiki 2017Dikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
mobile app editBesutan aplikasi punsèlBesutan sing digawé sarana aplikasi punsèlDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
android app editAndroid app editEdits made from mobile app for AndroidDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
ios app editiOS app editEdits made from mobile app for iOSDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan
advanced mobile editAdvanced mobile editEdit made by user with Advanced modeDikukuhaké déning piranti alusIya0 pangowahan